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Measured Building Surveys


Measured Building Surveys!

Our skilled measured building surveyors in Birmingham and London provide accurate and efficient surveys using advanced Leica 3D technology. Trust us for reliable results and detailed surveys to make informed decisions with confidence. From commercial to residential projects, we have the expertise and resources to deliver accurate results quickly. 

Floor Plans

What Is A Measured Building Survey

A measured building survey is a detailed digital plan of a building or structure. It involves taking precise onsite measurements to capture the parameters, structural elements and architectural features of a building.


This data is then converted in to a digital format to be used by professionals within the construction industry. 

Construction Site

Survey Includes

Measured building surveys consist of floor plans, external elevations, internal elevations, reflective ceiling plans, roof plans, attic plans and sections.  

3D Building

Floor Plan Survey

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Roof Plan

Roof Plan Survey


Internal Elevations

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3d Building

External Elevations


Reflective Ceiling Plan


Section Survey

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Importance of Accuracy

The level of detail and accuracy provided by a measured building survey can be useful to a  number of professionals such as architects, structural engineers, interior designers, landscape architects and developers.


By having a highly detailed accurate plan of the project these professionals can use the survey to design refurbishments, extensions or to build entire new developments.


Precise plans offer a strong basis for your project design and can assist in preventing expensive errors down the line.

RTC 360
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How it Works



Buildings are priced on a project by project basis. Factors that will effect the price of your project are size, level of detail required and location. 


Site Visit

Once given the go ahead we will arrange a site visit to your property. During the site visit we will capture the structural elements of the building both internally and externally using our laser scanning technology.



The data from the site visit is then processed in the office by our surveyors. The turnaround times for a measured building survey is usually around 7- 10 days. For larger projects the turnaround times will be outlined during the quoting process.


Finished Drawing

A 2D cad file will be provided in DWG or DXF format along with a PDF version. Hard copies are available upon request during the quoting stage.

Examples of Our Measured Building Surveys


Floor Plan Survey London Townhouse


Elevation Survey London Townhouse


Residential Roof Plan & Selection Survey 


Case Study
Wythall Transport Museum